A downloadable game for Windows

W/S - Pitch Up/Down;  A/D - Roll Left/Right; Q/E - Yaw Left/Right; Space - Boost; Mouse - Fine control


This is just a pre-alpha prototype for an "arena ball" style game but with flying Succubi.  In it's current state, you can fly around a simple arena and hit a ball.  The animations are janky, the character model needs work and the textures are pretty pixellated, but it gets the basic idea across.  This was also an excuse to learn blender modeling and experiment with the blender game engine.  In the future, I plan to implement mid-air collisions with other players.

Future plans include:

  • have multiple succubi in the arena at once, controlled by the cpu or other players
  • program networking for more players
  • have characters rag-doll when they collide with each other.
  • have a replay system with camera controls to watch those collisions in detail
  • add goal areas, other arenas and obstacles
  • add player uniforms that are breakable with collisions
  • improve the character meshes and armature
  • improve the animations
  • Improve the controls (mouse moves the camera)
  • Maybe switch to a better/different engine
  • Think up a better name :)

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract to a folder.

Run the .exe


Succubus Arena Proof of Concept.zip 38 MB

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