A downloadable game

This is a short prototype rogue-like for the Roguelke Caos #1 game jam that is played in the DOS Console. It's still a little rough. Avoid the edges! There's a glitch that makes the rooms repeat, but they are still proceduraly generated. This also makes it technically unwinnable, but there are only rules about the losing state (permadeath), not the winning state. :)

This is just a prototype. I'll whip up a polished version when I have time.

You play as a gnome in a mine. Your goal is to mine gems and evade kobolds. As you mine, you open up more walkways. So do the kobolds. Collect 16 gems to progress to the next room.

Install instructions

Extract and run GnomeMancer.exe.

You might need the Microsoft .Net 4.0 runtime found here:



GnomeMancer.zip (8 kB)


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My bad. It might need the .Net 4.0 runtime. I'll update the install instructions.